About Bim

small-bim-cooperHaving experienced first hand how life can increasingly throw people off track and into despair she was determined to find a way to help. She embarked on a course of counselling and psychotherapy which although interesting did not provide the inspiration she was hoping to find. Her priority was to work with teenagers and young people and to encourage independence rather than dependence. It was also important for her to find a way of helping that focussed on the future rather than the unchangeable past. It had to be available to everyone, easy to understand and time specific.

She found what she was looking for a few months later when a chance conversation led her to Rob Kelly and his Thrive Programme. Her excitement at this discovery has not wavered since and having completed the training she is delighted to be able to offer The Thrive programme to anyone who wants to gain confidence, increase their self esteem, lower their social anxiety and empower themselves to take control and get the most out of their life.

Bim says:  “I have been teaching this course for a year and it is, without doubt, the most rewarding job I have ever done….I have found something that really helps people understand how they can enrich their lives. I have had many wonderful clients and have witnessed how it has changed each person. I have taught the programme to teenagers and older ( and much older still) people who have come with a range of anxiety related symptoms which they have successfully overcome and are now enjoying their new approach to life. Please take a moment to look at the testimonials – thank you.

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