Video Testimonials

Click on the video link below to see the video testimonials from people like you who successfully completed The Thrive Programme. We are proud of each and every one of them. Come and join us!


Written Testimonials

Client 1

“I had been suffering with extreme anxiety for over 3 years, which was affecting my work and my confidence to deal with even the simplest of day to day events, and was also extremely draining to live with. Life scared me!

The Thrive programme has been amazing, I was sceptical at first, as I thought I was just a ‘born worrier’ and would always lack confidence in me, and struggle in difficult situations. However after the sessions, I began to change my mind set and thinking.

On finishing the course I haven’t suffered from anxiety for some time now, and feel I can cope with the problems that life will throw my way. I am enjoying my new freedom from anxiety, and enjoying the good things in life. I may have a bad day, but I now know how to deal with it and accept that it is just a bad day!!!”

Female, in her 40s.

Client 2

“Bim, my sessions with you have been so inspirational and empowering that without really realising anything was happening, (how do you DO that?) I’ve changed. It was only when I took stock of what has been going on around me and TO me or to the ones I love I realised I’d coped with it all and feel balanced and happy. I understand now that I’ve learned to thrive.

People take the Thrive Programme for lots of different reasons but mine was quite simple really: I felt that in my role of being a wife and mother I’d been swamped and had lost sight of who I was. I didn’t feel confident in being able to change that but wanted to re-establish my sense of self as opposed to functioning under the labels of my job – wife and mother. The mother bit was the scariest of all as my children are in their 20’s now and left home and I felt as if I’d been made redundant and didn’t really have a meaningful purpose anymore. Poor me. The girls didn’t need me anymore, my husband probably found me boring as I had given up any hobbies I had previously to focus on things my family wanted to do, no-one in their right mind was going to employ me and therefore I was totally justified in wallowing in self pity and doubt because nothing good ever happened to ME. (Mental stomping of foot right there!)

I know for a fact that if I hadn’t been through the Thrive Programme I would be 5 stone heavier and, probably, an alcoholic as I’d discovered day time telly and the wine certainly helped alleviate the boredom of my day to day existence.

I’m now working, pretty much, full time (I clearly DID find that person who’s not in their right mind!) and loving it. I realise that I DO have things to offer and of value and I just had to adopt a positive attitude and go and get it – not wait for it to come to me. I’m busy and I’m thriving.”

Female, in her 40s.

Client 3

“When I came to you at the send of the summer, my confidence was at an all time low. The summer had not been great, I had mis-handled a situation quite badly that caused my already low self esteem to plummet even further and I was aware that I was travelling in a downward spiral.

I had heard about the Thrive Programme and, though I knew I could do it on my own, I decided that a bit of outside input was what I needed to make sure I did it properly so turned to you. And I am so glad I did!

The Thrive Programme teaches you to do just that. Thrive. Between the book and your gentle encouragement I learnt aspects of myself that I was not aware of – but in a good way! I learnt to change the way I look at certain situations, to accept those that I can do nothing about (just bear in mind how I react to them), to have a positive outlook whilst still questioning the ways of the world, to avoid unhelpful thinking styles and to realise that the way I feel about myself comes from inside of me and is not influenced by external factors. You have already helped me in social situations where I might, in the past, have crumpled thanks to the tools that you have given me.”

Female, in her 50s.


“When I first met Bim, she told me she would give me a tool box to use to deal with things. At the time I was in a low place and seem to remember disregarding the comment.

I was pretty doubtful that the Thrive programme could help me- over the years I’d seen various people and professionals, taken medication for a long time and had sort of resigned myself to this way of life. In the introductory session Bim told me to commit and put effort in if I wanted to get positivity out of the course. Although doubtful that any programme could make a difference I felt I owed it to this amazing person to at least try.

Three weeks in was when I started to notice a real difference. I began taking more positives from my days and began to recognise that harsh voice in my head that really had become such a part of my daily routine and be able to hush it.

I looked forward to my sessions, each time coming out feeling more empowered and generally more excited by my abilities and future.

When I finished the sessions my anxiety seemed to have fallen away. Things that I could never make sense of or order in my mind became way easier to deal with. I think this is because of the way Bim explained things to me. I use her descriptions every day, when something comes up and it seems to be able to calm me almost immediately- finally someone who explains things in a way my mind understands!

I was a little apprehensive finishing the course- when I had done other therapy I tended to feel better for a little while but quickly slipped back into unhelpful ways and styles of thinking that tended to spiral out of control and put me in a pretty dark place.

I now understand what Bim meant by a tool box. I use it every day and 4 months down the line, I feel like I can tackle most things without it sending me into a total downwards spiral and practice the thrive steps daily.

From a person who had really totally given up on the idea of anyone or anything helping me- Thrive but mostly Bim has changed my perspective 360. Would recommend to anyone feeling lost and out of control!”

Female, aged 24.


“Bim deliver’s The Thrive Programme with great skill and most importantly with non-judegment and so much compassion. The programme enables you to really work on changing deep rooted habits of thought and behaviour. It is surprising how quickly you are able to recognise and change things. The more you follow through this programme into your everyday, the freer you become. I cannot recommend Bim enough”

Female, in her 50s.


“Nothing I write will adequately convey how much you have helped me and oh how I wish I could have ‘learned how to Thrive’ years ago! You are amazing and I am minding my language and how I view every day. The strength and the tools the course has given me make sure I have thrown away the shit tinted spectacles for ever!! I am being kind to myself for the first time in a long while and as I embark on my next adventure I am doing so with excitement and self belief. Thank you for all you and the course have given me. I will spread the word as all ages can benefit from thrive – it is life changing and my self esteem has grown beyond recognition. I am motivated and have finally got rid of my negative view on life. I am happy and confident and if I have a wobble I hear your voice and dive into the book and the wobble is gone! I am empowered! Thank you so much.”

Female, in her 50s.

Client 7

“Doing the thrive course was a great help in giving myself a new way of seeing how things are and having access to change the way I think and feel. Bim was extremely helpful and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to work with someone who understands a great deal and puts so much time and effort into making it work for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of thrive and I’d highly recommend it to anyone because it makes such a difference. It’s very useful and I had a lot of fun!”

Female, aged 17.

Client 8

I started the Thrive course with the aim of reaching a better understanding of the steps and processes of the programme so that I could use that knowledge in helping and supporting my children.
The course was hugely enjoyable to do as a group, all the sessions were in a very relaxed and positive environment and Bim was very skilled at steering or reframing our thoughts as we discussed parts of the course or tried to unpick certain aspects.  In the process I was surprised but also delighted to learn a lot of new things about myself and ways in which I could build a much more positive approach to life and how I could start to address some unhelpful thinking styles that I hadn’t even fully realised I had adopted!
I particularly like the way in which the course doesn’t look back or try to dissect why you might have adopted that thinking but instead is very positive and looks forward to how you can change those habits and thinking styles and reframe your thinking into a much more positive mindset, using simple techniques that you can learn and adopt quite easily.  It has been a bit of a life changer!
Whilst I have learnt a lot about myself I’ve also learnt as a parent how to spot unhelpful thinking styles in my children.  I have a better understanding now of how those unhelpful thinking patterns cause them to behave they way they do. It’s helped me understand and empathise but more importantly now I feel I have some skills so I can gently steer them towards ways of thinking and looking at situations that will really help them.  It has been fun and enlightening. Many thanks to Bim.PS: I didn’t want to put this bit in because I didn’t want it to come across as at all negative but I’d also have to say I’ve found it really unnerving.  I suppose some aspects were a shock for me but at the same time funny too!   And I found making the changes in my thinking style and the way I talk to myself very destabilising for a good couple of weeks I can’t quite explain it, it was like there was a big gap and I felt a bit lost for a while.  I’m fine now but there was definitely some weird transition there!

Testimonial from a Mum.

Client 9

I recommend doing the Thrive course with Bim, even if you don’t think you need to.  Right from the first session Bim took us through the programme in a fascinating and relevant way.  She not only guided us through the techniques and skills of Thrive, but also gently helped us all with whatever issues arose with ourselves during the course.  It was a breath of fresh air, a new way of looking at things, and very positive.  I had no idea that I would gain so much from doing the course.  It has given me the skills and the awareness to be excited about life.  I would definitely recommend that others do it.

Testimonial from another Mum.