Thrive for Parents

Many parents have approached me with concerns for their children’s increasing anxiety at school, university or just in life.

The Thrive Programme gives the child a personal set of skills or tools – “you” are learning about “you” – so it will only work if they want to do it for themselves. A parent cannot make a child do Thrive but we can help in another way by becoming aware of its many benefits. We naturally want the best for our children and parenting skills don’t grow on trees ! It is hard to know what to do when a potential crisis is looming, how to advise correctly and how to manage the scenario. It is too easy, although often not intended, to influence our children with some of our own negative beliefs and extend insecurities which are unhelpful.

The Thrive Programme shows us the importance of having strong foundations and realistic beliefs in order to Thrive in life. If we recognise that we have some beliefs that are not helpful to ourselves and learn how we can change those negative beliefs into a more positive attitude we will be in a stronger position to better manage the turbulent times with our children. We cannot manage their lives (neither should we) but if we can feel secure in ourselves it will be an example for them to follow. We will be more able to offer constructive advice if we have an emotional tool kit which is familiar and we know how to use. We can demonstrate the benefits of the tools and this may lead them on to becoming curious and wanting to investigate the Programme for themselves.

Testimonial – from a Mum:

I signed up to the Thrive programme as my teenage children are getting older and starting to get their own lives and I was feeling a bit stressed about them not being so reliant on me.  I have to become a ‘real’ person again and get a life of my own!  Going through the programme and speaking with others about their ‘stresses’ made me feel far more confident in both myself and the fact that I can be my own person and I’ll always be a mum! Thanks Bim.

Another Mum’s testimonial:

“The Thrive course I took with Bim with 3 other mothers was the most inspirational and empowering experience –  I was hooked from the moment Bim gave me a free consultation.  I wanted to do this ‘for my children’ and found it every bit as interesting for myself.   Without a doubt EVERY parent who is able, should do this to gain the knowledge and logic behind this program of how to cope and see more clearly in these extremely challenging times particularly with our children.    As Bim explains through the program – it is like a puzzle – at times it is challenging but it is not difficult to comprehend – it just makes SO MUCH SENSE.   Bim is 100% approachable and clearly passionate about this course and I quite see why.  I  cannot recommend it more highly.”

Another testimonial from a Mum:

What a pleasure it has been to get to know you, thank you for including me in your sessions.  I feel so inspired by “Thrive” and in particular in using the tools to support my teenagers.  The last session was just so eye opening to see how our language can help us to help ourselves and those around us to promote positive feelings.

It really is rubbing off on my children already, my middle daughter told me this morning that giving up chocolate for lent is just too impossible to maintain.  Instead, when she is thinking about complaining about something, she is going to say something positive.  “Listen Mummy, normally I would say “I am so unlucky as my get fit programme is completely shot” (she has a damaged ankle) and now I am going to say “because of my crutches I can focus on making my upper body and torso stronger”!!!
How glorious is that……

To be adaptable and to be resilient must be two of the greatest qualities that we could hope to pass on to our children.

You could start that process by going through the Thrive Programme yourself.

If you are interested in hearing more about The Thrive Programme for Parents please get in touch.


Everyone learns at their own pace but as a guideline this training programme can generally be delivered in 6 x 80 minute sessions depending on external factors and commitments of the trainee. The course is tailored to suit you, so you set the pace.

It is necessary to have some time between appointments to digest the information and practise new skills. There may be some helpful light homework to run through between appointments.

It can be delivered via Skype or at the Woodside Clinic (which is 37A Hermitage Road, Hitchin. SG5 1BY). But ideally a face to face meeting is beneficial.

I offer a free initial consultation enabling both parties to discuss the suitability of the programme and to explain more about the programme.

Your confidentiality is assured at all times and I abide by the Thrive Programme Code of Ethics.

Progamme Cost £800.00

I teach small groups, up to 4 people in total.
You can propose a group or ask to join the next group.

1:1 sessions are available too.
I am prepared to come to your venue if realistic.